The construction industry is experiencing change at unprecedented pace! As the Energy Plus Group has been in the building business for almost forty years and have built a wide variety of types of projects, we have found some amazing products that change the way we think. Everything has been improved or modified – nothing has been untouched!

Building materials are constantly evolving – what we can do today with engineered products, lumber, steel, fasteners, coatings and anything exterior, we couldn’t even imagine twenty years ago!

Of all the cool stuff at our disposal, engineered lumber has had the greatest impact on building just about everything. Todays engineered lumber allows for long spans without bearing walls or columns for support. Think about what this has done to promote the “open concept” which everyone is crazy about today. No more unsightly columns or inappropriate walls to block your natural light or that spectacular view!

Most of you have seen the changes to roof lines. These changes are all over the place, with hips, valleys, dormers and varied pitches becoming the standard. Although trusses have been around for quite some time, these new designs and load requirements are now possible in an engineered product that is strong, reliable and cost effective to build.

Once there were limitations as to what we could build – today there are unique solutions that allow your imagination to guide you. If you can describe your idea to us, we can build it!